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Quality Products No More

In 1935, Richmond Food Stores, Inc. a Virginia-based cooperative wholesaler was formed and managed by its retailer members. These smaller grocers were feeling the pressures of competition from the larger supermarket chains that had been growing since the 1920s. The goal of the cooperative was to ensure the survival of its members.

You’d never know it looking at this matchbook, however they were known for their line of “quality products” introduced in 1955 under the private label “Richfood”.

Their line of grocery products grew over 30-40 years and included milk, honey, canned and bottle goods, condiments and more. In 1974 they officially changed the name of the company to Richfood, Inc.

In 1991 they purchased a local Virginia division of Fleming Companies, Inc. and became a licensed wholesaler of Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA). At that time Richfood was offering more than 500 products under the IGA label.

In 1999 Richfood was sold to Supervalu Inc. and the Richfood label was replaced with a new brand, Essential Everyday.

Richfood. No More.


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